an evolving portfolio.

We create transformative businesses and innovative brand experiences for highly engaged pop culture audiences. We have successfully launched several direct-to-consumer companies, with many more progressing through our rapidly evolving ideation pipeline.



Affector is developing a digital platform to facilitate large, active communities through influencer-driven competitions and user generated content. Fudos, the first application on the expanding platform, is focused on building a foodie community through original recipes and video cooking challenges, engaging a growing audience through collaborations with celebrity chefs such as Carla Hall.

BlueLine Studios

From the minds behind some of the highest-rated sports titles in gaming, BlueLine is building an interactive mobile platform capable of quick deploying multi-dimensional games that connect fans with their favourite stars. In collaboration with the NHLPA, their team recently executed the worldwide launch of Puzzle Hockey, the only mobile game blending classic Match 3+ gameplay with dynamic touch-based Hockey Action.

Ground Control

With voice applications becoming the fastest growing consumer technology in history, Ground Control enables brands to easily produce and launch interactive voice content on platforms like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Delivering voice skills in collaboration with public figures such as Joe Biden and Gordon Ramsay, their work merges technology and pop culture to foster honest connections between brands and their audiences.



m56 Studios

m56 is a full stack agency that specializes in designing and developing digital experiences for global brands, celebrities and media companies. From the rapid prototyping of diverse concepts to the integration of voice applications, data-powered e-commerce, and community engagement sites, m56’s multidisciplinary team develops bespoke applications to fulfill their clients’ digital needs, from seed to scale.